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Delicious Food: Pan de Jamón

The venezuelan ham bread or “pan de jamón” is a tradicional recipe that is consumed religiously with the rest of the Christmas dish (hallaca, chicken and potato salad, oven roasted pork, and so on). Being a...

We Love Pizza!

Pizza: one of the most beloved dishes in the world, and it is due in large part to the fact that with just four ingredients (water, flour, salt and yeast) you can create a base that is so versatile no matter what...

Angelina Pizzeria Napoletana

We always say that when you receive good service in a restaurant or cafe, you will return. But when the trifecta of good service, atmosphere, and food works, and works well, you’re going to put it on your...

Pizza Friday: Mirco Ferri

En cada casa las pizzas se hacen de forma diferente, y todas se disfrutan: no solo las que se hacen desde cero, sino desde la que pides por teléfono, hasta las que se hacen con pan de pita como base. Lo importante es...

Bardot Brasserie in Vegas.

Bardot Brasserie is in the heart of the Vegas Strip, but when you get there you feel you are in the heart of a Parisian café, with all the details and award-winning kitchen from Chef Michael Mina and Chef Nick Dugan.

A Gastro-Lifestyle Guide…but why?

This is not a blog, it is more like a guide, although it is not a restaurant guide either. This is a compilation of my own experiences and those of friends, recommendations, recipes that I have prepared, what you can do...

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