A Gastro-Lifestyle Guide…but why?

This is not a blog, it is more like a guide, although it is not a restaurant guide either. This is a compilation of my own experiences and those of friends, recommendations, recipes that I have prepared, what you can do if you go to this or that city, where is that delicious dessert, that different breakfast, that walk that will take your breath away and that corner of a museum you have to visit.

It is very focused on food, of course, because I believe that food and nutrition are more than important, they are a lifestyle. It literally shapes us, forces us to exercise to stay healthy, makes us grow, and more. One of the greatest demonstrations of affection is cooking for someone, and when we have a love or even a business interest we invite that other person (or that group) to a coffee, to dinner, to have a meal. We celebrate the anniversary of our birth with a cake, and we toast with a drink whenever possible. The kitchen and the table where we eat is the center of our homes, every family has a recipe that they treasure, their own or even adapted from their favorite cookbook and good eating is always synonymous with something good.

Let’s take this place as one of those vending machines for drinks, or sweets, with the sole difference that from here you can take away from experiences to recipes to make them at home. The recipe book, the recipes that I will show here (food and drinks) are very special to me, and in fact I dedicate those to my mother, who taught me to be curious about cooking (and so many other things) and since I was a child she let us experience at home the things that we had tried on a trip, in a restaurant, or that we had seen in a book or a magazine. I will baptize the recipe book with a Negroni, or with a prepared Vermouth, which was his favorite drink when we went to lunch on Sundays in Caracas.

This site will take you to a city, will suggest some places to go…some to eat. Then we will talk about the food there, and you can take home (or your pocket) a recipe. The recipes are designed to be used on a tablet while you cook, even a phone, or to be printed and kept in your kitchen.

It is not the first time I write about food and places, I use to have a guide and a blog called CaracasCafe back when you had to make your websites by hand, line by line, in 1994.

Join me on this journey, send me your suggestions and experiences, because if I have learned anything, it is that the journey is the reward, and it is better if we are well accompanied.

Guillermo Amador Bograd


Guillermo Amador

Guillermo is an Architect, Marketer, Podcaster, and his family calls him Master Chef at Home. His mother taught him how to cook and where to find delicious recipes: from books and magazines to the TV chefs he grow with, this site and the recipe book that goes with it is his way to say "thank you" to her, to them and "let's try it!" to you.

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