Mission Ceviche: A love letter to gastronomy.

Chef Jose Luis Chavez’s Mission Ceviche on the Upper East Side in Manhattan is a love letter to peruvian cuisine, to his roots and a must try in the city.

The story of chef Jose Luis Chavez and gastronomy is a love story that begins with his father, a Peruvian who went to live in Venezuela where he met his wife, married and moved to Tovar. There his son José Luis moved to Mérida (the state’s capital) to study Business Administration…and if the story went just that far, if it stopped there, I wouldn’t be writing this after having enjoyed a scallop with truffle butter and black garlic, double flambéed and topped with duck confit (almost passing out from so many delicious flavors literally dancing on my taste buds).

Scallop with truffled butter, double flambéed and topped with duck confit.

As destiny is what happens while one is making other plans, while in Mérida José Luis falls in love with gastronomy and is inspired by chef Sumito Estévez’s cooking programs, so he decides to dedicate himself seriously to this and goes to his father’s Peru to study at the culinary school of Xavier Prado de San Isidro. In Peru he met who today is his wife and with whom he decided to go to live in the United States, where he worked in New York at the New York Palace Hotel and where he decided to undertake together with his partner Brice Mastroluca what we know today as Mission Ceviche.

What is Mission Ceviche?

Mission Ceviche is a restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, with around 65 seats almost always occupied (we suggest reservations, of course), with a menu based on the flavors of Peru that meet haute cuisine techniques and José Luis and Brice’s vision to present those flavors in a journey that becomes a love letter to Peru’s gastronomy.

They designed Mission Ceviche “in homage to the Peruvian tradition of gathering together over exquisite meals, sharing food and drinks, while making memories. The dishes are meant to be communal and the staff will be happy to guide you through the dining and beverage experience – transitioning from cold to warm in an explosion of flavors, textures, and sensations”. His partner Mastroluca is no novice at this: he has over 20 years of experience in the industry, having studied culinary and restaurant management at one of France’s most prestigious hospitality management schools and has served as a chef, sommelier, mixologist, and general manager.

“Gathering together over exquisite meals” could be a custom shared by all of us that love history, family, memories that are impregnated with those flavors and that light up again when we taste them, when we feel those aromas that take us back to our childhood and to other moments and places of our existence.
As a matter of fact is the idea behind Dishpenser: to treasure those moments, and to help you do the same.

Do I suggest the ceviche, oh, do I.

We suggest asking for the recommendation of the day, because the chef is constantly creating new dishes. It is always important to order a ceviche, the classic dish and what they are most passionate about. In fact, they serve it by placing the famous tiger’s milk in a bowl, as it is served in Peru, (and whose recipe we share at the end of this note courtesy of the chef).

Then you may try the acevichado or the anticuchero roll, and it is also important to try their version of Lomo Saltado, and for dessert the algarrobina tres leches.

Roll “anticuchero, “torched” in front of you.

Something that should not be missing in this experience is a good Pisco Sour, (there is to choose from, from the classic to the mango one, passing through the passion fruit version).

If you pass by and enjoy the food and the excellent attention, say hello to the chef on our behalf, we will feel very proud and that way we will know that our recommendation got to where it had to go.

Classic Peruvian Ceviche Recipe

Chef Jose Luis Chavez let us shared his Classic Peruvian Ceviche recipe, published here on his own Instagram account (and now adopted by me to prepare my own ceviche at home)

Chef José Luis Chavez explains and prepares his versión of Classic Peruvian Ceviche (recipe on his Instagram post too)

Where: Mission Ceviche is located at 1400 2nd AvenueNew York, NY 10021. USA.

Phone: (212) 650-0014

When: They are open Mondays to thursdays from 11:00 to 22:00; Fridays from 12:00 to 22:30, Saturdays from 11:00 to 22:30 and Sundays from 11:00 to 22:00.

Reservationsat Resy.

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